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TypeScript Engineer


EdgeDB Inc., is reinventing the relational database stack to bring the developer productivity to the next level. Join us in our mission to build the next generation of database tooling!


EdgeDB is committed to providing the best developer experience for working with databases, period. In the case of TypeScript, that means building top-of-the-line tooling.

You will be responsible for maintaining and evolving our client libraries for Node.js and Deno, as well as the EdgeQL query builder for TypeScript.

Byeond that, you will lead the development of future tools. With its object-oriented schema and introspection capablities, EdgeDB is a database that plays nice with modern languages and opens the door to some next-level developer experiences. Some projects you might work on:

  • The design of a code generation toolkit/ecosystem on top of EdgeDB
  • A baked-in user management libray
  • Tools for working with EdgeDB in a "serverless" way where EdgeDB itself handles authorization & authentication, no intermediate server required

These are just a few early-stage concepts. There is a wide design space for improving the experience of working with databases, and we encourage you to come in with ideas of your own!


The position will involve the following technologies. Experience in each is preferred but optional unless otherwise indicated.

  • TypeScript (required): including advanced concepts like conditional types and type inference
  • Node.js (required)
  • Deno
  • Front-end JavaScript frameworks: e.g. Next.js, Remix
  • Edge computing environments (Cloudflare Workers, etc.)

This is a full-time position. For more information, please contact us at: