Configure the EdgeDB server.

edgedb [connection-option...] configure [ option ... ] \
    action parameter-class [ --property=value ... ]

edgedb configure is a terminal command used to alter the configuration of an EdgeDB instance. There are three types of configuration actions that can be performed.

edgedb configure insert

Insert a new configuration entry for a setting that supports multiple configuration objects (e.g. Auth or Port).

edgedb configure set

Set a scalar configuration value.

edgedb configure reset

Reset an existing configuration entry or remove all values for an entry that supports multiple configuration objects.

Most of the options are the same across all of the different configuration actions.


See the Common Connection Options.


The name of a primitive configuration parameter. Available configuration parameters are described in the Server Configuration section.


A value literal for a given configuration parameter or configuration object property.


The name of a composite configuration value class. Available configuration classes are described in the Server Configuration section.


Set the property of a configuration object to value.