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The query and querySingle methods are generic. Pass a type annotation to these methods to retrieve a strongly typed result.

import * as edgedb from "edgedb";

interface User {
  id: string;
  name: string;
  dob: edgedb.LocalDate;

async function main() {

  const client = edgedb.createClient();

  // Select several Users
  let userSet = await client.query<User>(
    `select User {id, name, dob} filter .name ilike 'B%';`

  userSet[0].name; // "Bob"

  // Select a single user
  const bob = await client.querySingle<User>(
    `select User {id, name, dob} filter .name = 'Bob' limit 1;`

  bob.dob; // edgedb.LocalDate


A TypeScript-native query builder for EdgeQL is currently under development.