January 22, 2024

EdgeDB Cloud EU region launches!

A globe centered on Europe on top of a purple background. Superimposed over the globe is the name of the new region — eu-west-1 — above EdgeDB Cloud.

Performance is already one of the top reasons for picking EdgeDB Cloud. Today, that becomes even more true for users in and around Europe: we’re launching the EdgeDB Cloud EU region! Get started by selecting it from the region dropdown when you create a new EdgeDB Cloud instance.

The EdgeDB Cloud instance creation UI, focusing on the Region
dropdown with the new eu-west-1 region highlighted.

If you already have an EdgeDB Cloud instance but would like to move it to the new EU region, here’s how:

  1. edgedb dump -I <org>/<source-instance-name> <dump-path> to dump the contents of your existing instance to a file

  2. edgedb instance create <org>/<target-instance-name> --region eu-west-1 to create a new instance in the newly launched region

  3. edgedb restore -I <org>/<target-instance-name> <dump-path> to restore to your new instance

Get started with EdgeDB Cloud today in the EU. Look for additional regions launching in the future!