The best way to
run EdgeDB

EdgeDB Cloud is a fully managed, effortless cloud database service, engineered to let you deploy your database instantly and connect from anywhere with near-zero configuration.

Cloud built for developers

We refused to cut corners: our cloud is fully integrated into the EdgeDB toolchain and has a beautiful UI to match.

Easy deploy

First, generate a secret key. Second, create environment variables with the key and the instance name where your backend runs.

Enjoy EdgeDB

It's everything you love about EdgeDB: type safety, built-in migrations, intuitive data modeling, and more. But leave the infrastructure to us!

Just a click away

EdgeDB Cloud comes with a UI for managing your cloud database, including tools like the Data Editor, Schema Browser, and Web REPL, effectively making it a cloud data IDE.

Cloud dashboard
Data editor
Schema browser
Query builder
Cloud dashboardREPLData editorSchema browserQuery builder

Seamless resilience

EdgeDB features a state-of-the-art network protocol and client libraries.

This vertical integration enables us to offer unique features unmatched by any other cloud database.

Don't let your backend blink.

Uninterruptible connection

Our client libraries automatically reconnect if the network connection to the database drops for any reason. Read-only queries are also automatically retried.

Builtin connection pooling

Client-side connection pools are transparently configured, scaled, and maintained. Meanwhile, built-in server-side connection pooling ensures balanced access across your backend.

Robust transactions

EdgeDB uses serializable transactions—the highest transaction isolation level. Our client-side query and transaction API automatically retry operations if a serialization error occurs.

One API to rule them all

Since we designed our library APIs from scratch, we made sure they're similar across all supported languages. Learn the TypeScript API, and you're pretty much set with Python, too. It's that kind of deal.

Secure by default

The EdgeDB protocol is secure by default and requires TLS. Naturally every EdgeDB Cloud instance comes with a free, trusted TLS certificate. Our client APIs and tooling are built to work with TLS from the ground up.

Integrated auth

Ready to build authentication for your new app all over again? If not, check out our built-in authentication extension. It's part of the open-source EdgeDB and works seamlessly with EdgeDB Cloud.


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EdgeDB Auth includes a built-in authentication UI.

Configure it as you wish and enable just by dropping a few lines to your backend code.


Or design and build your own login forms, up to you.

EdgeDB Cloud

EdgeDB Cloud is the easiest way of deploying EdgeDB and we plan to continue evolving and improving it to give you the best cloud database experience possible. In the mean time...