In this section you’ll find an overview of the fundamental types, objects, and concepts for EdgeDB, a relational database with strongly typed schema. Here’s a quick overview of the links below:

Types in EdgeDB include your own Object Types (e.g. User) and Abstract Types for other types to extend (e.g. HasEmailAddress for User and others can inherit), plus Scalar Types with single values (str, int64, etc.) and Collection Types like arrays and tuples for multiple values.

Start putting your Object Types together with properties and links. Then build on them with items like annotations (readable notes for others), constraints to set limits (e.g. maximum length, minimum value, or even create your own), indexes for faster querying, and computed properties or links to define useful expressions (e.g. property email := .user_name ++ '@' ++ .provider_name).

Expression Aliases let you use existing types under new names to build on them without touching the original – both in your schema or on the fly inside a query. You can also create your own functions, strongly typed along with everything else in EdgeDB. All this goes into the schema under one or more modules (namespaces).