Developer Day

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Event Highlights

EdgeDB 4.0

Discover the next evolution of the graph-relational database!

Introducing the new features that EdgeDB 4.0 brings along with full-text search and integrated auth.

EdgeDB Cloud

The easiest way to take your database from development to production launches today!

Learn how EdgeDB Cloud works, what it can do for you, and what's coming next.

EdgeDB in the wild

Hear the real-life stories of developers building products with EdgeDB!

Dive deep into first-hand accounts of use cases, both conventional and unexpected.

Plus live Q&A and chat with the core team

Join us in our Discord during and after the event for a special Developer Day edition of Office Hours. Ask members of the team any questions you have about EdgeDB 4.0, and get an opportunity to win some swanky EdgeDB swag!

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Yury Selivanov, Michael Sullivan

Introducing EdgeDB 4.0

EdgeDB 4.0 introduces a plethora of enhancements and new features, with full-text search at the forefront. We believe it's a game-changer and can't wait to share why.

Yury Selivanov, Elvis Pranskevichus

EdgeDB Cloud Launch šŸš€

EdgeDB Cloud general availability starts today. Become an infrastructure superhero with a cloud service that lets you seamlessly get your database out into the world!

Whether you prefer using our CLI or the slick EdgeDB Cloud UI, you're going to love the experience of managing your database on EdgeDB Cloud.

Yury Selivanov, Scott Trinh

EdgeDB Auth

Every app needs authentication, but it's a pain to build and it distracts you from building the parts of your app that deliver the value to your users.

EdgeDB's new auth extension adds a full authentication service that runs alongside your database instance, saving you the hassle of having to learn and implement the intricacies of OAuth or secure password storage.

Jeremy Berman
Co-founder & CTO @ BeatGig

Fast GraphQL with EdgeDB @ BeatGig

The musical matchmakers at BeatGig use EdgeDB in a unique and powerful way.

Jack Fischer
Co-founder @ Credal.ai

AI + EdgeDB @ Credal.ai

Credal.ai builds on EdgeDB for a competitive advantage on their mission for More AI & Less Risk.

Gabriel Nordeborn
ReScript core contributor & CTO @ Arizon

Pushing the limits: EdgeDB ++ ReScript

Learn how advanced EdgeDB features can be used with ReScript to build a fully type safe frictionless developer experience.

Marcus Martins
Co-founder & CTO @ Dexa.ai

Building a data layer with EdgeDB @ Dexa

Dexa is making it possible to search through the ocean of knowledge shared on popular podcasts, YouTube, and beyond.

Join us for Developer Day to learn about some of the incredible creations built on EdgeDB so far and to discover what new things will be possible with EdgeDB 4.0 and EdgeDB Cloud!
ReadĀ theĀ announcement!